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Managing director

Herr Dr. Minzhi Wu

Dr. Minzhi Wu is the CEO of Magnetworld AG.

Dr. Wu has studied Physics at the Sun Yatsen Universität in China and and at the RWTH Aachen in Germany. Then he received his Ph.D degree at the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena and at the Jena IPHT. Dr. Wu has worked at the Jülich Research Center, the IPHT Jena, and for the SurA Ltd.


The main topics of his work were:

   • thin layer technology,

   • high temperature superconductors and

   • magnetic materials

as well as their concrete applications.


Dr. Wu was one of the pioneers of German-Chinese cooperation in the fields of high temperature superconductors and magnetic levitation techniques (MAGLEV).

Among other things, he was contributed in the introduction of the German Transrapid monorail with China.