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Bonded SmCo magnets

Plastic-bonded SmCo-magnets are produced from powdered SmCo- magnet material and synthetic resin. The magnets are shaped using the processes of either injection moulding or form pressing. The resulting magnets obtain highest form tolerances, so that a further shaping process is unnecessary. Actually, these magnets themselves have a relatively high corrosive resistance to environmental influences. The remanence of SmCo-magnets lies, depending on the alloy, between ca. 0.40 - 0.80 Tesla. The remanence is therefore about half as high as that of NdFeB-magnets. However, the coercive field strength of 400 - 880 kA/m is approximately three times less than that of NdFeB-magnets. SmCo-magnets have a very low (negative) temperature coefficient and can be used for temperatures of up to +250°C.


Magnetic characteristics data of Bondet SmCo-magnets